About Fly P2P

Fly point 2 point is an innovative flight meta search engine that allows you to search for the quickest itinerary from your departure to your arrival addresses. The comparator includes in its calculation the airport driving time, airport boarding, TSA & exit time for commercial and private flights from the 5 closest airports.

This uniq capability allows our user to quickly see in a single search all available flights options from multiple departure & arrival airports around their location. Thanks to the integration of the ground transportation and the airport time in the itinerary, we allow our users to clearly identify which option best fits with their complex agenda.

Why Fly P2P?

Fly P2P answers an immediate traveling need which is to simplify the flight search process of exigent travelers. Instead of comparing flight manually from different airports and having to independently add the different transportation and airport time requirement to your flight search, fly p2p directly include all of that.

Our vision

Our air transportation network hasn’t drastically evolved for years. We still depend on a few main airport hub to fly from which can be very inconvenient depending on your traveling need. Private flights are not getting the right exposure as they should as Business jets can be very competitive on short point to point or point to hub needs.  We believe that Fly P2P solve that lack of exposure by simply providing the best solution from your departure to arrival addresses.

Toward a greener air transportation future

New 7-12 seats all electric aircrafts are just around the corner with a first commercial flights planned around 2023. This new type of aircrafts will drastically reduce the total operating cost compared to current turbo props & business jets which will allow operators to finally sell economy tickets on short regional routes. What it means is that we will witness a large number of new <600 miles routes to emerge from currently unused small airports/ airfeilds with a total ticket cost of less than 100$. The best part is that flying on those routes will generate zero carbon emission which will finally make air transportation sustainable.