fly-P2P allows its members to search, compare and book the best travel itinerary with a commercial, private or shared flight. Private or Shared flights would allow you to fly with aircrafts from the following categories:

Turboprop aircrafts:

With a short take off and landing the TurboProp aircrafts are able to fly from small remote airfields  which give them a significant advantage over jets. You would be able to fly more routes at a cheaper cost as the operating expenses are reduced on those aircrafts as well. 


Aircraft category typical specs:

Speed:  250 mph

Range: 1500 nm

Passengers: 4-9

Typical aircrafts: PC-12, King Air 200, Avanti,…


Light Jets:

Light jets are a second great option when compared with turboprop aircrafts. Their typical higher cruising speed will make them faster and more attractive for longer flights. This higher performance will have an impact on the operating cost which will translate to a slightly higher ticket price.


Aircraft category typical specs:

Speed:  400 mph

Range: 1500 nm

Passengers: 4-6

Typical aircrafts: CJ2, CJ3, Honda Jet,…

Medium Jets:

Medium jet are an improved version of the light jets on the performance with an extended range and an improved passenger capacity. Such performance improvements will result once more in a higher operating cost.


Aircraft category typical specs:

Speed:  450 mph

Range: 3000 nm

Passengers: 6-9

Typical aircrafts: Sovereign +, XLS, Lear 75,…


Toward a greener air transportation future

Heavy jets are primarily used for long international flights with significantly improved range capabilities and spacious cabins. Heavy jets have high minimum runway requirements that will allow you to fly on selected airports and airfields.


Aircraft category typical specs:

Speed:  500 mph

Range: 6000 nm

Passengers: 10-16

Typical aircrafts: GIV, G650, Challenger 850, Global 5000,…